Thanks to Philip Bloom for the review of Canon XA 10 and XF 100 camcorders!

As you know I like taking pictures with my Nikon D300. But during our vacations in America in June, I started to make movies with my brand new Sony NEX VG10. This full HD camcorder with interchangeable lenses has powerful features. The only weak point is the weight of this camera when the 18-200 mm lens is plugged on it.

Well, after 6 months using this unique camera, as a true geek, I got the feeling it was time to upgrade to a professional camcorder, but which one?

After a week studying pro cams, I finally selected the Canon XA 10 and the Canon XF 100.

The first one is one of the smallest professional camcorder. This cam has really impressive features for it’s size and and price range (less than $1.900). This compact camera is perfect for making nice movies on travel.

The second one, the XF 100 is quite bigger and heavier, but not so much. This is a truly professional camcorder with all features needed to make high quality movies. It’s quite expensive (around $4.000) but this price is justified by it’s serious finish and it’s powerful features.

Now, the choice between these two cameras is difficult because each one has it’s pros and cons. Hopefully, I found this video from Philip Bloom, movie director, filmmaker and blogger. He shares with us his professional point of view about the Canon XA 10 and XF 100. Thank you so much Philip for sharing your complete review of these camcorders and more specifically for comparing these two devices. Your analyze is a valuable help to take my decision.

Review of Canon XA10 XF100 XF105 from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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