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New design for Watsupmanu: Salju, the Tumblr-like theme for WordPress

After almost 2 years of loyal service, I think it is time to change the design of Watsupmanu.com. Dear english readers, I have to confess I have tested a new theme of the blog only on the french version during the last 6 months. But now, time has come to upgrade the english one!

So, as you can see the style of the blog has been completely remolded. This new design is based on a free Tumblr-like theme for WordPress called Salju. Of course, I have changed a lots of things from the original theme to get what I need exactly.
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WordPress theme Zinepress

Well, if you really enjoy the theme of Watsupmanu (That great, I like it so much too) I have to confess that I’m not the author of it. Then the design of this blog is based on the famous (but still not seen everywhere) WordPress theme Zinepress created by the webdesigner Andrew Lindstrom. I must admit that I have made lots of updates of the basic theme and now you are in front of a totally customised theme… But don’t ask me what I have modified… This is my secret. Now, don’t spend to much time talking about the blog design, let’s write some interesting posts…

Theme wordpress Zinepress

Theme wordpress Zinepress

Well, as I’m talking about copyrights, I’d like to say that this blog is proudly powered by the best blogging system (Is there another one ?) WordPress.

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